A long-awaited NYC Half Recap

My first-ever race recap! I’ll start by saying this race is the coolest thing I’ve ever done, hands down. I probably set myself up for some disappointment for future races by starting off in the awesome city of NYC but I don’t regret a single thing about this race.

I’ll start from the beginning. I was very tame on St. Patty’s Day with some green pancakes and had a yummy pre-race dinner at Bellini’s (yummy food, terrible service. I don’t recommend it).

I went to bed at about 10, which was very hard to do. I WAS SO HYPER!! My alarm was set for 4:45 but I woke myself up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m not normally a morning person but I certainly was on Sunday!

I had coffee with an apple and peanut butter and worried about my outfit for about an hour. It was too warm for pants but chilly enough to need a more insulated running shirt. I had decorated my white running shirt though so I just layered and it turned out to be perfect for the weather.

Blogger won’t upload this picture vertically…sorry, just go with it.

I got to the corals by 7, with a 7:30 start time. However, with 23,000 runners it took me 40 minutes to get to the starting line once the race started. I’m actually pretty happy about having to wait because while I waited, the first runners ran past us since the starting point and the 6-mile mark are the same spot. I had a great view of some of the fastest people in the world! Talk about motivation!!

Meb Keflezighi won in just over 1 hour!
Kara Goucher! She’s from MN and read her book when I started running!

The race finally started and my stomach was a ball of nerves. I felt a little nauseous for the first 4 miles but thankfully that went away. I stuck to my run 2 songs, walk 1 for most of the race, which had pros and cons. My endurance was great and it helped me stay on pace most of the way. However, each time I walked I had to get back in my running grove each time, which got harder and harder to do. I look forward to the day I can run the whole race and be on auto-pilot to zone out the aches and pain.

I saw my cheering section at miles 2, 5, 9.5 and the finish line.

I promise Kurt was way more excited than he looks here!
They made T-Shirts with poems about my race!

THEY WERE AWESOME!! They kept me energized and so excited throughout the race! I was SO impressed that they came out at 8am the morning after St. Patty’s Day to cheer me on with all the smiles and enthusiasm in the world!

The course brought us through Time Square, which was completely blocked off just for us runners. Such a cool experience!

Totally blurry but I’m on the left. I’m buying the CD of race photos but this will do for now.

The very best part of the entire race was mile 9. I started that mile at 1:59 and I did the math. 1 hour to complete 4 miles. 15 min/mile. I could walk the rest and finish if I wanted/needed to! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! I’M GOING TO FINISH!!! That realization was absolutely coolest moment. I choked up a bit but if I let myself cry it would mess up my breathing for running and nothing was going to slow me down, especially tears!

The hardest part of the race was mile 10. I started to get really hungry, my hips and knees were achy and I still had 3.1 miles to go. I relied on my music at this point to keep me upbeat and motivated. Songs like “Eye of the Tiger” were essential to keep me running and I kept thinking “the faster I run, the faster I can eat something!”

We ran through the Batter Park Underpass, which was pretty cool. It’s so dark and everything echos. Towards the end of the tunnel, a volunteer was telling us there was 1/2 a mile left. It doesn’t sound like very long but trust me, it is!

Enrique Iglesias “I Like How It Feels” and Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On” got me to the finish line and it felt GREAT to be done!

We met up with my aunt and cousin for brunch afterward in Midtown.

The manager even surprised me with a dessert!

I spent the afternoon resting, icing, stretching, and hydrating as much as possible! I had one minor blister but otherwise I made it through the race relatively scratch free! My muscles are no longer sore but I did discover a pretty painful knee after a short jog last night. I’ll continue to treat it like I did last time and should be running again in no time!

Going forward, I’m signing up for the Fox Cities Half Marathon in Wisconsin on September 23rd. My goal is to run the entire race and I’m shooting for a 2:40. A 12-week training plan will start in June and until then I plan on running for fun and building my base. For now, I’m just resting and having some fun!

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5 Responses to A long-awaited NYC Half Recap

  1. I definitely saw your cheering squad!! They were hilarious and cracked me up! I liked how their shirts said #1, #2, and #3 fan. We should totally meet up sometime this summer for a run! I'm so excited to hear about your continued training, and I remember that feeling where I was still run/walking (Nov/Dec of 2011) and I was so antsy to get up to straight running. I had the same problem that you did with having to get back into my running rhythm every couple of minutes after the walk breaks. You will be there before you know it though! So proud of you! (Also, I can't believe we both trained with the team the whole season and never ran into each other!)

  2. Amanda says:

    Congrats on the finish. Glad you had fun doing it 🙂

  3. kate says:

    you are amazing!!! congrats again and i'm so glad you loved it 🙂

  4. Unknown says:

    Wow! Many congrats coming your way. Just goes to show how strong we can be when we really want to achieve something. Looking forward to following your training for the upcoming races!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Katie. Just wanted to let you know I've been keeping up with your progress and was so excited to see that you finished! Congratulations! We're all very proud of you! Joy, Carl, Aubrey & Ani

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