What’s the plan, Stan?

The half marathon is 2 days away!

I know you’re not supposed to just “wing it” without testing out strategy during training but that’s exactly what I’m going to do in a lot of areas. Here’s my plan:


I trained all winter in running pants and expected to wear my North Face fleece on a chilly race day. Total change of plans with 60 degree weather. I ordered a pair of running capris for race day but they cut off right where my knee bends, guaranteed to chafe. Plan C is a pair of temp shorts with spandex underneath. I’ll be decorating that white shirt and I’ll have an iPod arm band to hold my phone, etc since my pocket options are more limited than expected.

I’m not a morning runner. I don’t think I once trained for an early morning run. My pre-run breakfast will be

I’ll grab water/Gatorade at all the stations along the route to stay hydrated and I’ll eat a big ol’ brunch afterward. 

For a while, I thought there was no way I could finish in under 3 hours with the lack of training I’ve had recently. I’ve been doing shorter runs the past few days and last night I tested out a strategy that just might work.

Run 2 songs, Walk 1 = 12:30ish/mile.

The slowest you can go and still finish is 13:45/mile so if I stick to a 12:20 pace I can have a 15 minute cushion for a few slower miles if when I need it. If I manage to successfully cross the finish line in less than 3 hours, it might just be the proudest moment of my life.

Any tips? What am I missing?

Any other favorite workout songs? My pacing is all about music so having some awesome songs is key! They don’t have to be new but anything fun and upbeat is worth trying for me!

Catch ya on the flip side! I’ll report back on Monday…if I survive! 😉

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4 Responses to What’s the plan, Stan?

  1. Good luck Katie! I will see you out on the course! I am running in a singlet and shorts but I am a fairly hot temperature runner so hopefully that'll be alright.

  2. Hey Katie,I'll be there too 🙂 Its my first half so I'm really nervous and like you all I want to do is cross that finish line in less than 3 hours! My go-to song right now is Part of Me by Katy Perry.Good Luck!!

  3. Jessie says:

    I have one major question- you have run in those shorts before, right?? Just make sure not to switch up any of your clothing or gear right before the race, you want to run in what you're used to running in =) I'm so excited for you and this is definitely making me feel about ready to take the challenge on of signing up for a half!! Love you, have fun with it!!! Be proud =)

  4. Laura says:

    Go Katie! I really like the song "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor for motivation! We will be cheering you on from down south 🙂

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