So you want to live in New York?

A reader asked me if I would write about the financial life of an entry level job in New York City.

It’s true what Mr. Sinatra said, “If you can make it here you can make it anywhere!”

I’ve never been shy about admitting my salary, my expenses, or any other financial details of my life so here goes nothing.

I get $870/paycheck at my entry-level, full-time job. This is on the lower end for my industry but I also only have a 35-hour work week. I take out half of my monthly expenses from each paycheck so here’s how it breaks down per paycheck:
$40-credit card payment
$15-Express credit card payment
$25-phone bill
$10-gym membership
$150-spending money for food, fun, shopping, necessities, etc. (Almost always a challenge!)
I save the rest, typically $100.

I also babysit as much as possible, at least 3 times a week. I make a minimum of $400 which pays for my student loans. Any extra income from babysitting gets saved. This savings doesn’t always stay saved but it helps for bigger/unexpected purchases that arise…and they ALWAYS arise!

After 6 months of job hunting, I was so thrilled to have a job in my favorite city that the teeny tiny salary they told me sounded like angels singing. When I finally broke it down to cover my expenses, it was pretty sobering but trust me, if I can do it most people can.

It’s not always glamorous or exciting and I can be a big pile of struggle some days,

but even on a budget you can still do some pretty cool things and have a lot of fun!

I think New York is different for everyone, since obviously everyone’s salaries, expenses, and lifestyles are different. If you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me! (specialkap32 at

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