Three Things Thursday

1. The Spending Diet has become a bit of a joke. Not on purpose by any means but even if I stick to necessities, some weeks it’s just impossible to stick to my limits, especially in New York. When healthy groceries cost $35/week, replacing my busted headphones cost $30 (2 year warranty at least!), Basics like shampoo and razors cost $25, an additional textbook that we just found out about, having to take a cab home from the airport since the bus was taking over 2 hours at midnight, my $150 flew out the window faster than I can say “Spending Diet”. My parents even generously voided my cell phone payment to them for Feb but add in a busy schedule and not always having time to grocery shop or meal plan, that money is gone already. Not pleased. Payday on Friday can’t come soon enough. I haven’t given up but it has been much harder than expected.

2. Ricky Martin on Glee singing “Sexy and I Know It” in Spanish?? Um what?! How old is he now? I went to his concert in 5th grade. Not sure I’m a fan.

AND I would really love to know WHO thought it would be cool for NeNe Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta to be on Glee too! WTF?! She’s trashy as a “housewife” and she absolutely won’t be any better on Glee. That show is being downgraded big time.

3. P90X is no joke. Matt and I did 30 min of the core disc on Monday and my thighs and bum are still sore! I’m not quite sure how that works since I thought the core was more your back and stomach but I’m not complaining. I can only imagine how I would feel after a week of regular P90X workouts and running! 

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5 Responses to Three Things Thursday

  1. kate says:

    oooo did you buy p90x?? i've been debating getting it, but it's SO expensive!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Ouch. Yeah NY would make things harder. Hope things smooth out for you soon. The core is pretty much all the muscles around your trunk and pelvis so it's not surprising your thighs and bum would be feeling it. There is a P90X lean schedule that is a little lighter and might be good if you were going to try to do it at the same time as running. I'm going to be starting it with my husband in either late march or early April.

  3. Katie says:

    My boyfriend bought it so I used his discs when I was visiting. It's definitely expensive but gives a great workout for your entire body!

  4. Katie says:

    I don't think I'll do P90X regularly but it's a nice change of pace when I'm visiting Matt! It might be too much to do a full P90X schedule + running!

  5. Amanda says:

    There are some who do it but yeah it would definitely require a lot of time/energy. It's good to mix things up a bit. I get bored pretty easily so I like to do that also. I just got Rockin' Body and Yoga Booty Ballet to do for a week or two to give me a little change of pace between Insanity and P90X.

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