Running Playlist!

Music gets me through every single run. If I could hear my feet shuffling and my lungs wheezing, I don’t think I would be able to run for 2 minutes, let alone 3 miles. Music not only blocks out my noise but it pumps me up and keeps me motivated.

I have about 120 songs I keep on a playlist that I shuffle through. Different songs work better on different days but I love them all.

Here’s a list of my 20 favorites:
“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence + The Machine
“Down On Me” – Jeremih & 50 Cent
“Faster” – Matt Nathanson
“Fat Bottomed Girls” – Glee (Queen version is better)
“Ni**as in Paris” – Kanye & Jay-Z
“Good Feeling” – Flo Rida
“Gunpowder & Lead” – Miranda Lambert
“Home” – Edward Sharpe
“Footloose” – Kenny Loggins
“How Low” – Ludacris (also good for the embarrassing moment of dancing around your kitchen while you make dinner until your roommate catches you)
“I Like How It Feels” – Enrique Iglasias
“Little Lion Man” – Mumford & Sons
“Marchin On” – One Republic
“Misery Business” – Paramore
“More” – Usher
“Party Rock Anthem” – LMFAO
“Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root
“Sexy and I Know It” – LMFAO
“Ass Back Home” – Gym Class Heroes
“Wild Ones” – Flo Rida feat. Sia

Variety is the spice of life runs so I’m always on the hunt for new songs. What are you favorites? Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Running Playlist!

  1. I love to run with music too! If I don't, sometimes I'll think "who is that annoying person breathing heavily and stomping on the ground?" ohhh it's me 😉 Nice list… I'll add some to my pod for my next run!

  2. Rosa says:

    I like fast, upbeat songs! "Memories" by David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi, "Numb" by Linkin Park/Jay-Z, "Ridin' Solo" by Jason Derulo, "Where is the love?" by Black Eyed Peas are some of my favourites. Maybe I'll make a post about my playlist in the future! 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    Excellent songs!! Right now I am LOOOVING "Everybody Talk" by Neon Trees (SUCH a fast beat) "Turn Me On" by Nikki Minaj is a fun new one too. But if you want a REALLY fast-paced song, try "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park. My spin class instructor LOVES to play it for speed songs and I can only imagine that it works the same on running It's less than 3 minutes long so it's a good sprint song for sure 😀

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