Rise and Shine!

New York City never sleeps. It often times looks a lot like this:

It’s true, you can find people out and about at all hours of the day and night, one thing I kind of love about the city. In the rare moments you can find some space and quiet while you wander the city, it’s a welcome change of pace.

It turns out if you wake up early to go to they gym, you get the major perk of avoiding the rush hour madness and enjoying a very peaceful commute to work/the gym. The subways are not busy nor crowded, the construction noise has not started yet, and being in a sleepy stupor makes you not even realize you’re up before the sun and about to go workout.

Once you get to the gym, the rewards continue. The locker rooms aren’t crowded, there are a lot of machines available with no line, and I can actually catch some quality time with Matt Lauer since we don’t have TV at our apartment.

Now, it’s not easy to leave the house 1.5 hours earlier. I am certainly not a morning person! With my schedule though with babysitting and homework, it has become a necessary part of my training program 2 days a week.

When the alarm goes off at 5:45, it’s a total mental battle with the snooze button. But once I’m up, I’m up for the day. I turn on some music, roll out of bed in my workout clothes (yup, I sleep in them to make it even easier), grab the bag I packed the night before, and head out the door. I eat half a Cliff bar as I walk to the subway and I spend 30 minutes knocking out my cardio cross-training or my easy run while I read on my nook. That 30 minutes of quiet “me” time with a book and endorphins is always a great way to start the day and it’s absolutely worth the early wake-up call.

Lastly, if you workout in the morning, you have the rest of the day for everything else. You have more time in the evening to babysit, do homework, go to dinner with friends, read, go to bed early, whatever you want! 

Just don’t forget to bring different work shoes or you’ll end up like me yesterday!

Oops! They’re more comfortable than heels though and my boss didn’t care!

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