Firm Fridays

Well it’s that time of the week again!

If I remember correctly, I’m finally back to the weight I was before I moved down to South Carolina after college. Being super broke and eating a lot of fried and fast food did terrible, evil things to my body and I finally learned what it felt like to have stomach rolls. Having a shrinking waistline feels great and I’m so much more comfortable in my clothes! 

Here’s how my week went down:

Sunday: Force myself on a long run. I was under the impression I had to do 5 miles. I settled for 4 and took it easy as my ITB and knee get back into shape. I alternated running and walking based on songs and I enjoyed breaking in my new shoes. All health benefits were counter-acted as I chowed down on french toast and drank unlimited mimosas at brunch. Oops.

Monday: 6 miles were on the docket. I had been reading my training schedule incorrectly so when it says 2/2/2, I tried to run 2/walk2/run 2. It’s really the other way around. Whatever, I ran 4 miles total anyway since I hadn’t yet realized my mistake. The difficult part was the gym. I usually work until roughly 4:30 and am mere steps away from my gym so I beat the “rush hour” after work. Well 6 miles on a treadmill is certainly going to take me longer than the 30 minute limit but by the time I hit 45 minutes there was a long line of impatient exercisers breathing down my neck so I hopped off after only 3.5 miles. I went home frustrated and content on calling it a day. Megan came home shortly after me ready to run and she dragged my butt out the door with her so I could squeeze in my last 2 miles. I love having a runner roomie!

Tuesday: I was supposed to get up early before work and cross-train. I didn’t. After work I babysat. Not beating myself up over it.

Wednesday: I actually got up early and elliptical-ed for 30 minutes. Leaving that early for the gym is actually quite pleasant! Subways, locker rooms and cardio machines are not crowded at all. It’s quiet and I felt great the rest of the day. After work and babysitting I did my scheduled Wed run of 2 miles, again thanks to Megan’s encouragement.

Thursday: my day off and I happily rested my tired legs.

Today I’m off to lunchtime yoga and will run 2/2/2 (the right way) after work before a book launch party.

“Giving up’s not an option. Gotta get it in” – Florida “Good Feelin”

My diet has been less than stellar. Babysitting most nights after work without a planned menu of easy-to-prepare meals has lead to a lot of mac & cheese. I’ll plan better next week. The increase in my spending diet will improve the list of healthy foods I can afford too.

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One Response to Firm Fridays

  1. Yeah I hate the line at the gym. People give the meanest looks. Hold on a second a buddy, sheesh. I haven't been eating super well either. Carbs a palooza! šŸ˜‰

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