Just do it…A Cinderella Story

Like most girls, I love my shoes. I take most excuses to get a new pair and they make me happy, blisters and all. So last year when Matt and I weren’t together and a guy I liked bailed on me, I returned his Christmas/Birthday presents and bought myself some shoes with that money.

Smart move, self, smart move.

When you are newly single, running and working out is a great hobby to pickup and I learned to love my new shoes. Obviously I loved them, you saw how grubby they are, right?

I was in Boston last spring and was fitted for running shoes (because when in Rome, right?) and they recommended the Saucony Progrid Ride 3’s for me but I was too broke to buy them. A few months later, I completely ignored the advice from Boston and fell in love with these bad boys. The Nike Frees.

My parents got them for me as a birthday present and I loved them. They weighed next to nothing and I felt pretty badass. Sure enough though, the lack of support brought ankle pain pretty quickly and I had to give them up.

Back to my breakup shoes. But after a year of wear and tear, it turns out the shoes don’t love me so much. Enter Runners Knee and ITB Syndrome. Bummer. They were perfectly worn in and always comfortable but they weren’t right for my stride.

When I discovered two weeks ago that new shoes were imperative to me finishing marathon training, I cashed in my savings and looked online for Sauconys. Apparently a 9.5 is a popular size because they were nowhere to be found. They did, however, have the Progrid Ride 4’s in my size so I figured “same difference”. Nope, certainly not.

So after a trip to Jack Rabbit this weekend, I found the perfect shoes for me.

Amber, the helpful sales woman at Jack Rabbit, helped me for a solid hour by testing out 4 kinds of shoes on the treadmill. Ultimately that Nike Zoom Structures won for comfort, stability and I hate to say it, looks. With the added hot pink shoe laces, I’m in love. It didn’t hurt that Jack Rabbit was offering 15% off for all Team In Training members that day 🙂

After 2 solid runs in them, I know they’re keepers. One step closer to 13.1!!

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2 Responses to Just do it…A Cinderella Story

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow what a lot of experience to get to that pair. Very smart move to return the bailer's gift to give yourself one. I shopped online last dude who bailed on me at present time so my only option was to keep the stuff for myself (which is fine for some of it but the money to spend on myself woulda been better lol). That's pretty cool that they let you try them out on the treadmill. The progrid ones you didn't like look a little like my Asics except mine are purple. I got them in a running shoe store with my parents years ago and have only used them to work out inside except for maybe a dozen runs of a mile or two, so they're holding up pretty well.

  2. Good job. Shoes are pretty much the most important piece of running equipment (apart from a good sports bra). When I found a pair of shoes that didn't injure me, I stuck with them. I am sure there are other types out there… but I am sticking with these! (Nike Vomeros btw).

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