If I still had my credit card in my wallet I would…

…Allow myself to browse H&M and Forever21 on my way home from work and buy whatever good deals looked good. While I’m at it, I would use my $15 Express rewards card and not limit myself to what I can buy with it. And I would use my Gap gift card from Christmas and not worry about what I can afford to spend it on. And when all was said and done I would have a few new cozy winter outfits, new accessories to spice up the outfits I already have, and I would have super cute new outfits to bring on a secret vacation getaway Matt and I are planning.

…Get a new pair of brown boots since mine are 3 years old and pretty worn and torn. They would look nice with all the cute clothes I would buy.

…Go wherever I want for brunch this weekend with my girlfriends. I would order what sounded good rather than what was cheapest or gave me the most for my money. I would enjoy a $9 mimosa or two without a care in the world.

…Make an appointment to get my hair done. I would love fresh blonde highlights, get my bangs trimmed, re-do my layers. I miss my old hair.

…Buy a foam roller. $25 for a piece of foam is a little much when that’s 1/4 of my spending money.

…Grocery shop to make amazing looking meals I see on pinterest.

Pesto pasta with chicken sausage and roasted brussels sprouts

…Buy some workout clothes from Lululemon.

It’s a really really really good thing I cut up my credit card!
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2 Responses to If I still had my credit card in my wallet I would…

  1. All of these things sounds fabulous. Nice to dream 🙂 But seriously- get the foam roller! What are you waiting for? It is worth the investment.

  2. Amanda says:

    Haha yeah definitely a good thing you cut it up. You could always make some of those things future goals if you need them and take time to bargain shop or hit some thrift stores. I don't know how big a foam roller you want but I found these ones online much cheaper. They're about $8-15 depending on size: http://www.electro-medical.com/spri-foam-roller-full-022016/patient-positioning/?source=gsEM

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