Three Things Thursday: Spending Diet Week 2

Payday is tomorrow!! That means I made it a whole pay period on my new spending diet. My savings account is happier and I really wasn’t that limited. Well, sometimes it felt tight but honestly it wasn’t terrible. Here’s how this past week has gone down:

1. Grocery shopping: $27 got me all this

My meals were: Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast (work supplies milk in our break room for coffee etc., pb & j and carrots (already had pb & j and carrots) for lunch and honey BBQ chicken drumsticks and baked potatos for dinner. There were so many good deals that it allowed me to even treat myself to cheesecake stuffed strawberries (had half the ingredients already but strawberries get so expensive out of season!) and I was able to stock up on a few extra items. Not too shabby at all.

2. Continuing to take advantage of the free. I went to the Vivian Maier Photography Exhibit in Midtown on Saturday. It was small but really enjoyable. Her story and photographs are incredible. These two are my favorites.


On Sunday I took some friends to Lincoln Center for a free concert, thanks to MyFreeConcert

The architecture was pretty cool!

We attended Psalms and Songs for the New Year with both choir and orchestra performances.

It was beautiful and a fun opportunity to see the famous venue for free. 

Don’t worry, we couldn’t stay sophisticated for too long. Directly afterwards we got rowdy watching the Giants beat the Packers in the playoffs (not for free but more on that later)!

This week’s entertainment also included Netflix dates with Matt, TV dates with friends, reading, cooking and running. Unexpectedly, I’m not just passing the time until I can spend money again. There was so much to do it actually had me craving a few nights of doing nothing!

3. A confession. This weekend, Matt sent me a check. After I freaked out and told him I didn’t need or want donations, that I wanted to do this all on my own, he explained that it was money he would have spent on buying me flowers but he figured it might be more fun for me to to treat myself to something else. He knew how hard I have been working and he wanted to reward me because he’s proud of me. Awww. It was $30 and it was really nice of him.

I shouldn’t have spent it all right away, but I did. Oops. I was able to spend a few extra dollars on groceries, go out with friends to watch the NFL playoffs last weekend ($10), buy Subway for dinner on my way to babysitting since I didn’t have time to go home to grab food, and enjoy some pizza after my long run on Monday. Umm yeah, I wish I didn’t spend all my money on food. Reason #37 why I needed to take up running!! Those were all extra treats that I could have done without if I needed to in order to stick to my diet but they were nice. I certainly won’t get used to that happening every paycheck 🙂

I’m very proud that I have stayed within my means and so far rarely feel deprived. It helped that I took out $100 when I got the paycheck and immediately moved the rest into savings. I didn’t even let it be an option for me. It would have been an extra hassle to transfer that money back over if I wanted to spend it mindlessly. I only saved $30 this paycheck but seeing my bank account grow is reward enough to keep going. Since I’m not behind on bills anymore, next paycheck should be much better.

Savings Account Total: $71

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2 Responses to Three Things Thursday: Spending Diet Week 2

  1. Holly says:

    I need spending/debt liposuction!! I don't think a diet is strong enough. Haha But seriously, go you!

  2. Amanda says:

    Go you! Strawberries do get expensive out of season. They were $5 here at one point. I've been getting blueberries and bananas because they're the only fruits that seem to consistently stay cheap around here. That's cool that you get milk for free at work. Every little bit helps. Awesome that there are so many cool free things for you to do in New York. That's sweet of Matt to send you the money. I wouldn't worry too much about what it was on. Even though part of it was food he was right that you got more out of it than if he'd sent flowers.Good idea to take the money out right away. My grandma used to get cash out once a month for expenses. Her reasoning was that if you see money dwindling in your pocket book, you are more likely to be careful what you spend than if you let yourself think that you can keep using a card or going back to the ATM.

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