iPod Nano and Nike + review

Remember when I thought I got a ring but it turned out to be an iPod nano?

I also got the Nike+ attachment. If you’re thinking of getting one for tracking your workouts, I would definitely read this first.

The iPod itself is great for me because I lost my old one so really any iPod a lovely addition to each day. It’s cute and I named him Jack and we get along mostly great. It’s a major upgrade from my shuffle. I love that it comes with a built-in clip but it’s a bit heavy to hang on some of my running outfits.

I do miss the scrolling wheel and the larger screen. The tiny screen of the nano is not very suitable for a touch screen. If you don’t like a song or need to quickly pause it, you have to wake it up, scroll a few times and finally switch it up. I finally learned how to program the on/off button to change songs when I double press it but it’s just kind of awkward.

I love that it has radio capabilities. Without a car, I rarely listen to the radio, even though it’s nice sometimes. But my favorite thing about music in the car was singing along. Sorry to bum you out but I don’t sing along on my runs, unlike the lady next to me on the treadmill last week, no joke.

The Nike+ came already installed on the nano so I’m not sure what the point is in buying the attachment. I wish I would have known so I didn’t ask for it (thanks anyway Matt!) Maybe it provides more accuracy with the additional shoe chip? I’m really not quite sure. The piece you plug into the iPod while you run is small and I lose things easily so that’s a terrible combination.

Speaking of accuracy, who made this thing?! It is the least accurate tracking device I’ve ever seen. Yesterday, for example, I ran the 6.03 mile loop in Central Park. It tried to tell me I actually ran 7.06 miles. I think the time is accurate though, which is kind of nice but then you think you’re running much faster than you really are. So that 8:54/mile I did last week was absolutely false. I had no idea I was deceiving the blog when I wrote it, I swear!

I do enjoy that there is a voice that speaks to you occasionally while you run, signifying your distance, time, pace etc. It’s kind of helpful and motivating and prevents you from continually looking at the time. Sometimes, though, the updates are ridiculous and tell me I’m currently running a pace of a 40 minute mile or similar outrageous things. I assure you, no matter how slowly I’m going, I am not THAT slow by a long shot. Rude.

If the tracking was more accurate, I would appreciate the online tracking more. Whenever I plug my iPod in to sync with iTunes, a screen like this pops up:

So far though, I have not found the site very detailed or helpful because I can’t find any descriptions of how my run went.

Ultimately, if you’re considering a way to track your running, I would not use the Nike+ reliably. I do not have a Garmin (yet) but I can only imagine that they’re much more useful, although they don’t speak to you mid-run.

And if you’re in the market for a new iPod, I’d skip this generation of the nano. I’m happy to have mine but I’m sure there are more user-friendly options available, especially for running.

What music device to you have? Do you run with a tracking device? If so, which one?

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5 Responses to iPod Nano and Nike + review

  1. MindLess says:

    I also use the nike+ device but since I calibrated it in the beginning (used a premeasured mile I prepared on googlemaps), it is accurate to 50m on 5km. Which actually is pretty good!If you want higher accuracy you will have to invest into a garmin watch which cost easily 150 dollars. calibrating is much shorter and cheaper!

  2. Katie says:

    Cool! I didn't know you could calibrate it. Looks like I have some learning to do. Thanks for the help 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    I'm sorry that your presents turned out to not be as useful as you'd hoped. The few times I ran in FL I carried my Android phone with me. I had an app on there (which of course I can't remember the name of at the moment) that tracked how far you ran and in what time and listened to songs from my phone.

  4. KariLynne10 says:

    I recently bought the nano (same version as you) and already had the Nike+ attachment from my previous nano (the bigger kind). So are you saying I don't need the shoe clip/disc and the small white attachment on my nano? I can just use the nano on it's own??

  5. Katie says:

    I have used it both ways and they both work, meaning you really don't need the additional attachment/shoe chip. I think the shoe chip provides the pedometer tracking but it's not much different than using Nike+ without it. At least as far as I can tell, that is. I'm certainly no expert!

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