Fit Friday

Nearly everyday I’m scheduled to run I have a mental battle as to reasons I shouldn’t run. “I’m tired.” “I need a rest day.” “I don’t want to.” I’m sure Matt’s sick of getting texts about my lack of motivation! It’s all mental because the minute I get out there, I am so glad I did. Even if I’m not leaving right away, I put my workout clothes on the minute I walk in the door from work so I get in the mindset. 

I won the battle on Tuesday and did 3 miles around the reservoir (ran 1, walked half, ran 1, walked the rest). It felt pretty great! I finally remembered to time myself to see how fast I can run a mile. I was SHOCKED to see an 8:54 mile!!

Side Story: My previous fastest mile was 9:54 in 6th grade when we had to run the mile for gym. I was running slowly and was the last one on the track. Two of my crushes came out on the track and ran the last quarter mile with me and encouraged me the whole way. When I finished I was so thrilled to have run a mile under 10 minutes. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how nice that was for them to run with me.

On Wednesday I joined Megan M. for a free Power/Vinyasa class at Yoga to the People.

It wasn’t my favorite but I’m glad I tried something new. It was crowded and hot (meaning very smelly) and I prefer Hatha yoga and love my regular teacher at my gym. It was Megan M.’s first yoga class and I think she’s hooked!

Thursday was a rare day that I lost my mental battle with running and stayed in for a 30 Rock marathon. I figured not exercising was very Liz Lemon of me. I woke up late and didn’t bring clothes for the gym. After work it was rainy and chilly and I was tired. I didn’t have new, motivating music. Yup, all terrible excuses but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’ll get back out there today and keep going.

I’ll hit up my usual yoga class over lunch and then after work I’ll knock out those 4 miles that I should have done last night.

Although my spending diet doesn’t allow me to always buy fresh, organic vegetables, it certainly limits the amount of take-out and fast food I can buy. Since getting healthier is more about your diet than how much you workout, I guess being broke has its advantages.

I wanted nothing more than to go out to eat for a delicious burger or order in Chinese last night but I knew that would be most of my money for next week’s groceries. Instead I ate my low-carb taco lettuce wraps, which were really quite good anyway.

I’m hoping one day I get used to eating in and I won’t crave burgers or Chinese (or any of the many many delicious foods I love) as much so it’s not such a battle. One can dream, can’t they? So far I’ve found it helps to think of and cook meals I’m looking forward to so it’s not a downgrade in taste.

So that’s week 2 of Fit Friday. I doubt it’s entirely motivating but it’s the truth. I don’t have an updated weight, mostly because I haven’t seen my gym’s scale all week but also because I’m not desperately trying to lose weight. I would like to fit into my clothes comfortably, tone up and be in great shape.

Happy Friday the 13th!

**Your chance to win a free copy of Chris Powell’s Choose to Lose, ends TODAY at noon (EST) so get your comments in here! Winners will be announced on Monday!

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7 Responses to Fit Friday

  1. Kelly says:

    Keep up the good work!! Every time I want to put off a workout, I always tell myself that motto, "Yesterday you said today" and it kicks me in gear 🙂 Good job on your FAST mile too! Happy Weekend!

  2. Laura says:

    That's an excellent time for a mile! And you're right to use your clothing fit as your weightloss gauge, I think. I came to your blog via your post on Anna Newell's blog. I'm also in NYC and trying to spend less. I've found that I'm less prone to the siren song of the food delivery option if I already have the dinner plan set for that night AND it's appealing. Even better if it's leftovers from the night before, which is why I make four servings at a time (live-in BF helps with two of those servings).

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay! Congrats on beating your fastest mile. With the yoga, it's always good to try something new (and hey if it's free why not try right lol). As far as the in day yes those are bad excuses but we all occasionally give in. Next time you don't have gym clothes, remember you can change at home and still run outside for free. Think of rain as a bonus–it keeps you cool while you're running. If nothing else, you can do whatever length of time you normally would running in place inside. (I am not a big runner but Insanity starts off most warm ups with jogging in place and incorporates a few different kinds of 'sprints' in the workouts also in place. It's surprisingly effective. Not good every day for you but I think it would do in a pinch). If you aren't already, you should get on Pinterest. I just joined a couple days ago and already have a few motivational boards going, one just for fitness of pictures similar to some you have posted. It's just a nice little reminder that I need to get working on my goals. One I have that may help you to think of is "I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don't." In fact here's the link to the board which I actually started off with the Socrates quote from your wordpress blog: Spending too much time pinning is a danger but some people even have pins for that "Stop pinning; go work out!"

  4. Katie says:

    Thanks Kelly, that's a great quote to use! Have a great weekend too!

  5. Katie says:

    Hi Laura! Don't you love Anna Newell's blog? It's a huge motivation to keep my spending under control!

  6. Katie says:

    You make a lot of valid reasons why I should have run and the funny thing is, I told myself all of those. In the end I simply just didn't want to and that's ok. I'll be back at it today! I LOVE Pinterest! I almost always go on before a workout to pump me up with the fitness section! I love the "Stop pinning; go work out!" quote, so true sometimes!

  7. Amanda says:

    Haha it's all good. We all need an off day sometimes. Good :)Cool. That it is 🙂

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