Book Review: Run Like a Mother

I am not a mother, nor will I be one anytime soon. I promise! However, Run Like a Mother by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell had some great running inspiration for any female runner.

Yes, there were many references to having kids, families, birthing etc. but I was able to apply their tips to my busy schedule, even if my “busy” is a little bit different than theirs. I found myself craving a run while reading, even during my 6am flight to surprise Matt for his birthday. It might be the only reason I stuck with my training all through Christmas break. Whatever does it for ya, right?

I really enjoyed how each chapter covered a different aspect of being a runner, for beginners to advanced. Additionally each chapter was scattered with segments that were brief extras, such as their favorite running playlists, quick quotes from real running mothers on a variety of topics, etc. I really enjoyed these segments, but I did not enjoy their placement. Sometimes they would pop up right in the middle of a story by Sarah or Dimity and it was distracting.

They surveyed over 100 women who run and did a great job of incorporating their experiences, since running is different for everyone. They were very blunt and had a lot of real talk, which I loved.

Part of my motivation to run now is so that it becomes a habit for the rest of my life. Once it becomes a habit, I know how to get in shape for when I become a whale when babies enter the picture (years and years from now!). If I wait, I’ll be a new mother and a new runner and knowing myself, I would push running to the side if I didn’t already love it. Yup, I’m a planner. I found myself thinking about my future as I read. I definitely want to be an active mom as a role model to my kids and this book helped me think about what to expect wayyyyy down the road.

No one associated with Run Like a Mother asked me to do this review, I simply rented it from the library and wanted to share my thoughts. Unfortunately I do not have a copy to giveaway but…

If you’re looking for a great book about fitness, be sure to enter yesterday’s giveaway for Chris Powell’s new book Choose to Lose! Contest ends Friday!

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5 Responses to Book Review: Run Like a Mother

  1. That's awesome. I agree. Fitness needs to be a habit or it will be easy to push aside. One of my friends told me that you can exercise during pregnancy whatever you were doing before, you just can't introduce a lot of exercise if you weren't already doing it. I'm thinking obviously there would be limitations on certain moves but overall it's healthier if you keep active and it's easier to lose the weight afterwards if you've been active all along. It'll probably be awhile before I have to worry about that either but it's good to plan ahead.(PS it won't let me log in with my fitness blog investinginfitness for some reason. This one is my expat blog)

  2. Rosa says:

    You're totally in my head about being an active mother! I was just going to do a post about that very topic. Part of this is about creating the lifestyle we want to live for the rest of our lives. I also want to be a great role model for my kids and prevent them from becoming video gamers. My cousin does an amazing job at limiting TV/video game time with her two young sons and forces (strongly encourages?) them to play outside every single day. It's so inspiring! It's one of the reasons why we run!

  3. Katie says:

    You're absolutely right that you have to plan ahead. It's nice to know someone else is on the same page! And I'm loving your progress with Insanity! Those DVDs are tough!

  4. Katie says:

    My aunt is a very active mother and she has completely inspired me to share that lifestyle when I become a mother. It's great motivation to run! I'm so happy to hear you're desire to be such a good role model!

  5. Amanda says:

    😉 Thanks. Haha yes they are. I just did Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs last night. So glad today is a rest day. It's only two weeks in and I can already see definition in my legs, arms, and starting to get my abs back so gonna stuck with it.

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