A rest day never felt so good

Whew, what a weekend! I mentioned Friday I had a workout with Chris Powell. I sure did and I’m still sore! Here’s a sneak peak:

Photo from Ashley

However, my camera battery died (of course it did!) so I’m still gathering pictures before I post about it. You’ll see it tomorrow though I promise!

After Megan and I worked out Friday, we came back and watched the award-winning movie True Grit.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m rarely into movies that get tons of awards. It wasn’t bad, just kind of predictable. I’m glad we mixed it up and I can cross it off my list though.

Instead of joining Team In Training for our long run at 8:30am (on the other side of town so I would have had to get up at 7!) on Saturday I slept until noon. I still don’t feel badly about it. Not one bit. Megan crawled into my bed saying “I have an ambitious idea for us.” Despite our sore bodies from the night before, she suggested we run the perimeter of Central Park. Considering it was 50 degrees out in January, I really couldn’t say no.

I wish I could make it bigger but it says the outer Park Drive loop is 6.03 miles. When you add in walking there and back, it’s 7 miles. I ran one song, walked one song and rotated nearly the whole time. Whew! I wish I brought my camera, it was seriously a gorgeous day and it was fun to see new parts of the park.

I won’t lie, I was/am pretty paranoid about injury since you’re not supposed to increase your mileage that quickly. I spent most of Sunday horizontally and I stretched like it was my best friend all weekend so I think I’m safe **knock on wood**.  I’m just looking forward to the day when I don’t feel like this when I walk up and down the stairs:

I also managed to babysit twice (and by babysit I mean put the kids to bed easily and get paid to read and watch TV) and have a very affordable ladies night so I’d call that a successful weekend!

The spending diet is still on track, despite some tough temptations. Nevermind that it’s only been 3 days; so far so good! More to come on that later.

Happy Monday!

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