My first ever blog meetup!

One of the first blogs I started to read nearly religiously was Running Off the Reeses, which led me to Liz at One-Twenty-Five. She quickly became another favorite of mine as she has accomplished so much in the short time that I’ve been reading her posts. She inspires me and cracks me up regularly, and for that I am grateful.

So last week she posts that she will be in NYC on Tuesday (last night) and is willing to do a blogger meetup thingy. On top of that, she picks a location that is probably the most convenient to me in all of the city, probably just for me. Thanks Liz, I can tell we will get along famously already!

I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous since umm I only know Liz from stalking her and certainly no one there knew me since umm my blog is not exactly read by the masses. What if she’s actually an ax murderer or what if no one shows up or what if everyone is so cool and accomplished that I look like a total turd??? Turns out, she is not an ax murderer, a great group showed up and everyone had different accomplishments, all of which to be proud of.

It was wonderful and I stayed out past my bedtime to hear about all sorts of interesting bloggers, obviously including some fascinating stories/gossip from Liz herself. And and and! Two girls (the two across from me up there) are from Minnesota and one is even named Katie! Get out! Small freaking world. For a group of strangers, it sure was enjoyable!

Some of the people that came don’t have blogs and it was too late last night to track down the ones that do but I’ll find them soon (today even I’m sure). Apparently there are blogger meetups quite often, especially in NYC, so maybe I’ll attend another one one day!

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5 Responses to My first ever blog meetup!

  1. Great meeting you Katie! And am so pleased you came – I totally understand the whole omg-blog-meetup-ahhhh! thing! – so really, Thank you!Good luck in creating an amazing 2012 year for yourself! I'm definitely adding you to my favourites! Liz

  2. HowdyFromNYC says:

    I would love to attend an NYC Blogger meet-up. Let me know when there's another!

  3. Katie says:

    We should plan one Kelli! It was so fun!

  4. YES! i wanna go to more nyc blogger meet-ups!

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