Still recovering

New York is the city that never sleeps but Minnesota sure gave it a run for it’s money. New Years was a blast!

Good drinks and great friends!
 My favorite date!
And a hot dog vendor inside the bar!

Is anyone else still recovering from their New Years celebrations? I’m not talking about a hangover, I’m really just recovering from lack of sleep!!

I guess that will happen when you stay up after the bars until 4am playing “Things” with the funniest people alive, and then have to fly back to New York and wait for your roommate to land 6 hours later so you can go home because you’re an idiot that loses their keys when they run. And then you’re one of a small handful of people that actually worked yesterday.

Yeah, I spent almost 5 hours at LaGuardia airport on Sunday since Megan’s flight didn’t get in until 11pm. Plenty of time to look at scholarship options, babysitting jobs and to get caught up on some reading, right?

Messy hair from the night before and no make up – you are welcome!

Totally worth the awesome 2 weeks home! Time to dive into one of the busiest springs of my life! Lots of running, working, schooling for me! Hope your 2012 is off to a great start so far!

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