New Years Resolutions

Am I the only one that has to work today?! Both Matt and Megan are sound asleep and get to relax all day and I’m back at my desk. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about!

I kind of really like to set goals. Ya know, I made a whole blog about them so it has to be important, right? New Years Resolutions are always fun for me. I rarely take them seriously but it’s fun to think of where I want to be in a year and how I want to get there. Here’s my official list for 2011.

Run 2 Half-marathons.
-NYC 1/2 March 18th and the Fox Cities 1/2 on Sept 23. 
-Stick to my training plans, maintain asthma treatments to stay healthy and cross-train to prevent injuries.
-Get into the habit of regularly working out and maybe actually start liking workouts and making big improvements!

Find a face wash that works for my face and my wallet. 
– I was blessed with great skin all through my teens but with additional workouts, my face isn’t a fan of all this extra sweat.

Get rid of all credit card debt. 
– LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS! If that means staying some nights, fine. If that means unsubscribing to ALL retail e-mails I receive to avoid mindlessly shopping online, fine. If that means eating ramen when my paycheck runs out, fine. Even if that means not getting highlights ALL year, fine. I WILL DO IT AND IT WILL BE WORTH IT. 
– With each paycheck, I will use any money left over to make a payment on my credit cards. When I babysit, any money I earn after loan payments/bills are made will be split in 2. I will save half and I will pay my credit card with the other half.
– I will not touch my savings unless it is an ABSOLUTE emergency. For real.

Read at least 3 classics.
-I used Spark Notes or my imagination through most of high school. Fortunately my grades didn’t even notice. I do wish I knew the plot of a lot of these stories now though so it’s time to go back and read. Here are the 3 I’m thinking of, but of course this is a flexible list:

  1. Pride and Predjudice
  2. The Great Gatsby
  3. The Scarlet Letter

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Eat healthier. 
-Eat at least 3 servings of veggies a day.
-Use SparkPeople to track my eating habits and typically stick within my guidelines.
-Generate a list of healthy, affordable meals and snacks I can rotate regularly.
-Take time to prepare healthy meals and snacks instead of buying my food out of convenience.
-Stop baking desserts from Pinterest unless it’s necessary!!

Don’t let comparison steal my joy.
-Simple in it’s meaning but harder than it looks!

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