Training on Vacation

I have never exercised on vacation before. Wouldn’t even consider it.

But with two weeks at home for Christmas and a half-marathon less than 3 months away, exercise was mandatory this year. I’m dedicated to my training plan and I strongly think that if I stray too drastically I will not run my marathon and the world will end. Dramatic, I know.

So far, I have stuck to it but it hasn’t been easy. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Planned ahead. I have an agenda book and I write my workouts in as if they’re appointments I need to keep. Before I left New York, I wrote out my workout schedule for each day I would be gone and I was able to see how my workouts would match up with my plans. I don’t do well just “wingin” it. 
  • I told my family and friends that I HAVE to workout on specific days. Letting them plan accordingly helps them support you, not discourage you. 
  • I recruited running buddies. My sister ran and cross-trained with me most days. It’s a fun way to spend time together.  
  • I took full advantage of being able to walk downstairs to use the treadmill. It is never that simple to workout in New York! 
No line, controlled temps, perfection!
  • Commit. I had a family gathering in the morning, the Vikings game is on in the afternoon and more family is coming over for dinner so I picked a time that works the best and committed to it. Squeeze it in when you know it just takes a bit of effort to plan. I know some days it’s just not possible but I refuse to simply be lazy. 

 Matt and I are off to his family’s house for a few days so I’m hoping I can keep this up! What helps you?!

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