Goals for 2012

  • Run 2 half-marathons. Hopefully Obviously I’m running the NYC 1/2 on March 18. I would like to run the Fox Cities 1/2 in Sept, since it’s where Matt lives but September is a really busy month already with Amanda’s wedding, ideally starting school (more on that later) and working.
  • Tone. Tone. Tone. I used to have a flat stomach and somewhat decent abs. I need them back. Additionally, my legs haven’t had any definition my entire life. With all my running, I’m hoping I can get over my fear of short shorts. 
  • Eat healthier. I don’t have a set plan for this yet but since a healthy body is 70% diet and 30% fitness, I really need to improve the diet part. That won’t be easy with my big financial goals.
  • Pay off my Express Credit Card once and for all. Cut it up and never use it again. 
  • Pay off my Chase Credit Card and be 100% credit card debt free. Student loans will take years but I can’t focus on them until credit card debt is gone. 
  • Have enough money to start paying for school. Yes, I’m going back to school this year for a second degree (I’ll still be working too!). I refuse to have any more student loans so I will pay for the credits I can afford and go at my own pace. I’m learning people! I would like to take at least 3 classes this fall.

I have some lofty goals this year, so it will require some serious work. Look for my New Years Resolutions post on Jan. 2nd with specific plans for each goal and a few extra fun resolutions I have! 

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    2 Responses to Goals for 2012

    1. Cam says:

      You're going back to school?! Excited to hear more 🙂

    2. HowdyFromNYC says:

      Already have your goals done and it's not even Christmas yet?! Overachiever!

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