Preventing injuries already

When training for a race, it’s important to do more than just run in order to prevent injury, or so I’ve researched. I’ve read about terrible injuries from other bloggers and I think my Nana had 4 knee replacements in her life, I’m paranoid to no end about getting injured. It is a surefire way to let me off the hook for getting in shape and overcoming my asthma restrictions and I refuse to let that happen.

I only run about 6 miles a week but here’s a little about what I’ve been doing so far to build strength and cross-train:


My gym offers a Hatha Yoga class at 12:15 every Friday. It fits nicely into my lunch hour and it’s a great source of strength building, stretching and relaxing. Until recently, however, I’ve been doing some of the moves incorrectly (aka chaturanga-ing meant flopping to the floor to me) so I have a lot of room for improvement! This video helps:

RunnerGirl says, “Yoga will help you increase range of motion, agility, flexibility, lung capacity, endurance, and strength. The pain most runners feel is not from the running in and of itself, but from imbalances that running causes and exacerbates. If you bring your body into balance through the practice of yoga, you can run long and hard for years to come.”

Since I have knee issues, I try to strengthen the surrounding muscles to better support the knee and prevent injury. I do variations of this exercise:
Once a week I’ll do this for each leg and then both legs together, both on my stomach and back, 3 sets of 20 reps. You can also add weights to your ankles to increase your strength. If you don’t want to purchase ankle weights, a large bag of rice and a rubber band work fine.
I like to throw in a few sets of crunches or ab exercises when I do knee work but at this early in training I’ve been pretty slack.
What are other good moves to cross-train and prevent injury? Any advice?
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