The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:
  • My babysitting gig cancelled so I had a free evening after work.
  • It was nearly 50° so I took advantage of a nice run outside.
  • I rocked out to the “More” Usher Pandora station, which was very fun. Somehow “Born to be Wild” was added into the mix and it was a very pleasant surprise!
  • The run felt great and I finally completed week 4 of C25K!
    The Bad:
    • The back of my knee is feeling pretty darn sore so I have a hot date with a bag of frozen peas tonight. (A poor man’s ice pack…I’m not eating a whole bag of frozen peas.)
    The Ugly:

    • I lost my keys. I put them in my pocket as I left and they must have fallen out somehow. I can’t imagine how that happened considering my pockets are deep and I swear I don’t flop all over the place or at least enough for my keys to fly out of place. 

    It’s $100 to replace the electronic entry key so I’m not too thrilled about this discovery! Overall though, I’m glad I ran!

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    3 Responses to The good, the bad, and the ugly

    1. Falon says:

      Dang that sucks about your keys! Yay for getting out there and enjoying the nice weather.

    2. Cam says:

      Ha I love that pic 🙂

    3. Katie says:

      The worst part about losing my keys is being locked out of my apartment until my roommate returns from her holiday vacation which is quite a few hours after me. It could be worse though!

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