It’s cool (and free!) to be a bookworm!

Ya know the Sex and the City movie with Carrie’s big wedding?

and then she beats up Big like so:

It totally takes place at and outside my library. Yeah, only mine. It makes going to the library even cooler, right?

But for real, libraries are completely underrated if you like to read. If you’re like me and low on money, it’s a great resource to be able to read nearly any book you could dream of for free. The best part about libraries is the convenience of their websites (I hope all towns’ libraries are as easy to use as NYC!).

Rather than going all the way to the library, looking for the book, finding out it’s at a different branch or it’s checked out, and going all the way home empty-handed, you can search for the title online, put it on hold and have it delivered to the branch closest to you. They e-mail you when it’s ready and boom, you have some intellectual entertainment.

It’s quick and easy to get a card and the selection is usually pretty big. Just don’t forget to return them 😉

I wish I could browse the isles of Barnes and Nobel for hours and buy all the books I want. I wish I could have a huge library in my home with stocked shelves like this:

 or even something creative like this:

but that’s not realistic right now with my goal to get out of debt.

Here’s what I’ve checked out so far:


I’m certainly not a mother and won’t be anytime soon. Regardless, I heard this is a great book about making running a priority, even with a busy schedule.

Book reviews to come soon!

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2 Responses to It’s cool (and free!) to be a bookworm!

  1. thedebtpreoccupation says:

    I’m such a library snob now! I hate buying a book that I can get from the library! Though if I love it enough after I’ve read it I will buy it. How are you enjoying Run like a Mother? I might have to check that out…

  2. I’ve gotten a lot of books out of the library on post. I am so glad they let you renew up to 2 times because I totally checked to see when a few were due back to find out they were a couple days overdue. Oops. It definitely saves money (and a lot of them have been books on things I want to learn about but wouldn’t necessarily want to purchase).
    Another cool thing is Kindle. I won one in a writing contest and the first day I had downloaded about 30 books I’ve been planning to read for free. (Even if you don’t have one Amazon has a free “Kindle Cloud” reader where you can read online and a lot of places like Project Gutenberg have free files you can download to your PC or a device for out of copyright books).

    I used to want a library similar to the one pictured. But I have moved twice just since getting married and am definitely considering consolidating lol (and I wasn’t even the one who had to carry them for one of the moves). Of course I say that but I ordered half a dozen books off the month after we got here. Oh another thing you might want to check is if your library has book exchange or sale shelves. We have a case in our library where you can turn in a paperback book and pick one someone else has left. Back in Ohio we had ones that sold paperbacks for .50 and hardcovers for $1. That’s where a majority of my books (some I still haven’t even gotten around to reading) came from.

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