Makin’ Lemonade

When I moved into my apartment this fall, I needed to buy some dressers. I purchased two of these

May 3 Drawer Dresser from Target

They had good reviews, free shipping and were on sale. Sold. I felt so proud of myself assembling them all on my own. Unfortunately, due to both dresser quality and user error, one drawer from each of the dressers have fallen completely apart and have been deemed unusable. They now look like this:

I arranged the drawers to make the bottom a shelf instead. Works quite nicely.

Now I’m left with broken drawers, with all of the panels in tact.

I might be able to fix one drawer but I’m kind of liking the shelf idea now.

Instead of throwing these panels away, I’m determined to make something (or things) out of it, likely via pinterest.

Megan suggested I use one panel to create a shelf, and I plan to take her up on that idea. But what else can I do?

Paint a cute quote and make a wall decoration?

Make a coarkboard?

Feelin’ creative this week? What other ideas do you have? I’m willing to get creative and make the most out of this unfortunate purchase!

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One Response to Makin’ Lemonade

  1. I got a tall one that looks similar to that from It’s held up pretty well. Unfortunately the one that is about that size I got from Ikea had the bottom drawer break as well. It’s structure wouldn’t allow it to work as a shelf, and my dog would probably pee on anything I left sitting that low lol but cool that you made it work. I will probably try to glue mine back together. All of my bookcases fell apart being shipped overseas and I managed to fix them so hopefully I can manage the dresser lol.

    Good luck with using up the extra wood. I don’t have any brilliant ideas. I’d probably paint something on it to hang up. Since it has several parts to it you could make a wide picture, a longer one for a quote, and the smaller ones for random things, maybe using some kind of stencil. I have ones for Kanji so I’d probably do that. You’re the second person today to mention an idea from Pinterest. I came across it on a blog a few days ago and had signed up but I’m on a waiting list for some reason.

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