You’re never the only one!

Saturday was the first training run for Team In Training. I didn’t know anyone or how far we would be running. I also worried there wouldn’t be anyone as slow as me that actually planned on running 13.1 miles or anyone that wanted to do a run/walk interval to build endurance. We weren’t allowed to bring headphones and I’ve never been able to run while keeping conversation so ultimately I was a bit anxious. It wasn’t a great sign that the bus never came and I ended up taking cab so I’d arrive on time, but once I got there it was affirmed that I signed up with a pretty cool organization!

For our first day, we ran the lower loop of Central Park, roughly 1.7 miles. I started jogging with Molly, who has never done this before either. She was very friendly but had much better endurance so she went off ahead while I slowed down for my first walking interval.

Not a minute later, I met my running twin, Liz. She passed me running with a buddy and I heard her say, “go on ahead, I need to walk for a bit”. That’s all I needed to hear! I scooted up my pace to meet her and it turns out we’re in the same boat on many levels.

Neither of us have run a mile in our lives. We both want to run/walk until we have enough endurance to run. We both run about the same pace and we both have asthma! What a relief to know I already have a training buddy!

We were able to run and chat and shared some great running tips with each other. We would motivate each other to start a new running interval and to keep going until we reached a designated distance. We’re both excited to have some extra support, especially as beginners! Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures since I didn’t want to come off as a first-impression creeper but I promise I will have some next week!

If you’re thinking about joining a group or working towards a goal, just remember: you’re never the only one! No matter what your circumstance, it’s almost a guarantee that someone else is in your same boat. Don’t let the fear of being the odd one out stop you from getting started. You never know, it might lead to even more encouragement and motivation than you thought! 

Sunday was a rest day and it was gladly welcomed after a week that looked like this:

I know that might not seem like a lot, just 6 miles and yoga over a whole week. However, living in NYC means your daily life can be a workout in itself. I walked nearly 2 miles home, up 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment (done multiple times over the day), I walked a mile to babysit, a mile back (went there and back twice on Saturday), plus walking to run general errands. You can bet I was excited to rest!

Now I’m ready to tackle a new week and a new workout schedule!

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One Response to You’re never the only one!

  1. That sucks you can’t bring headphones. The few times I ever dragged myself out to run in my adult life (I used to run track and cross country in Jr. High) I had headphones. Glad you found someone in your shoes. The run/walk thing reminds me of something I was doing when I was thinking of joining the navy (then I met and married a soldier and decided dual military in separate services was probably a bad idea lol). My PDF reader is being wonky so I can’t get it open but I think it gives a regimen for improving your run with what intervals to run/walk for a few weeks as well as how to improve push ups and sit ups.

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